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If you are running or about to set up a Classlist site, this section is where you can go deep or simply scan the headlines.
Classlist’s automated processes, with T&Cs for administrators and parents, are designed to make you fully compliant with GDPR.
If you’re a parent simply wanting to know how your personal data is protected, please click here

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Guidance on how any school can lawfully share parent emails with their PTA, Parent Council or Friends organisation

Guidance Note for Schools and PTAs

10 min summary of Tuesday 9 October GDPR Webinar

Classlist GDPR Webinar – Tuesday 6 November 10.30

Our GPDR Webinars are hosted jointly with Clayden Law.
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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” applies across the EU and post Brexit UK through 2018 country-based legislation. Fast Start is sufficient for most Classlist users. Others need all the detail.

We've spent loads of time with the UK's top school lawyers, and spoken to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office . We've completely updated Classlist's processes from top to bottom to ensure they comply fully with new legislation. And can proudly share the signed legal Opinion confirming this.

GDPR can actually help make your parent community more inclusive. We’ve confirmed how schools can lawfully share parent data with their PTA – in a controlled, GDPR compliant manner - to help PTAs build a vibrant, inclusive community

This is real game changer – making it far easier for you to focus on the important stuff – building your parent community