Data Protection
You pushed the Data Protection Button! Here you can go deep or simply scan the headlines and action guide. And there’s some really good news for Classlist users
Let's get on with it!
Tell me in two minutes in plain English what's new. What do I need to do?
I need more detail
Give me some technical background on what's changing. Explain my compliance options.
I'm a Data Protection Officer
GDPR is bedtime reading. Show me your Solicitor's Opinion. I need to dot every "i" and cross every "t".
Join our free GDPR webinar series to understand how new regulations can HELP you!

Classlist GDPR webinar - Tue 22 May 10.30

Classlist GDPR webinar - Tue 19 June 10.30

Hosted in partnership with Clayden Law.
Feedback on 13 March 2018 session: "exceptionally helpful".. "Excellent".. "An eye opener"


The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) runs to more than 200 pages. Fast Start is sufficient for most Classlist users. Others need all the detail.

It's a complex, rapidly evolving subject - and can get a bit technical.

We've spend loads of time with the UK's top school lawyers, and spoken to the relevant UK government agency. We've completely updated Classlist's processes from top to bottom to ensure they comply fully with new legislation. And can proudly share the signed legal Opinion confirming this.

There's good news for Classlist users – we've confirmed schools can lawfully help PTAs with some data related tasks. Yippee!

We know you want to work through this as quickly as possible and get on with the important stuff – building your parent community.